2016 Annual Report

In July 2016, Debbie and I were able to celebrate 15 years of Homes of Love in Vietnam with our HOL staff and children!


Homes of Love began in 2001 after a Vietnamese pastor visiting us in the United States shared his vision for orphans in his country. He said, "Let's put the children into the homes of Christians. Children belong in families." Debbie and I agreed!
What a blessing to reflect on God's goodness to Homes of Love as we celebrated 15 years in Vietnam and to thank Him for His good plan which also included homes in Cambodia and Zimbabwe.
Our 2016 Annual Report is now available here and includes highlights from the year, as well as financial information from our recently completed compilation of financial statements.
As always, we are grateful that you trust us with your resources and allow us to steward them as we create families for life.

Gary Chesney

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