HOL's "First Born" Embarks On Her Dream

Hard working, responsible, motivated, desires to please others. These words describe a typical first-born child, but they also describe the "first-born" of Homes of Love - Tam!

Tam was born the baby in her biological family, but at 5 years old she and her older brother lost both parents. Tam's brother tried desperately to care for her but was just a few years older and could not. A neighbor took Tam's brother in but was unable to care for both children, leaving Tam without a family.

So in 2001, Tam became our first home's oldest child - our "first-born". She was a strong big sister and always made sure her HOL sisters carried their weight in the home. (Some might have even called her bossy!) Pensive, Tam held a lot of her thoughts inside. She worked hard in school and was careful with everything she did.

Tam is now walking towards an amazing future. Tam was one of the first HOL children to attend college, graduating from pharmacy school. Now she is planning to pursue an advanced degree and attends class every afternoon and on Saturdays to help her prepare for the entrance exam. She does all this while maintaining her full-time job as a pharmacist!

Tam's success would not be possible without those who have poured themselves into her life. Her HOL parents loved her and honest interaction with her sisters kept her humble. From first grade through high school, tutors came to her home daily and encouraged her dream to go to college. Sponsors in the United States helped provide financial resources, as well as the emotional encouragement Tam needed along the way. Tam says, "Thank you for helping me. I would not have what I have without you. I have received much love from my HOL parents and tutors. I do not have the words to express deep thanks of all that HOL has done for me. I am so thankful."

God knit all the aspects of Tam's personality together, knowing she would take on the role of HOL's first-born. Her determination and work ethic, along with the support of many people, have given Tam the freedom to dream and the resources to make those dreams come true.

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