A Prayer Walk - The Journey Continues (Part 2)

In Part 1, we shared the story of a prayer walk that led to the first Home of Love in Vietnam. Today, we want to share with you the recent journey of that home... 

In 2005, after living there for four years, our first HOL family needed to move from their first home. It was owned by a pastor who planned to return to the house at the time of his retirement. We had known the situation from the beginning, and now the time had come for the family to move. 

A few years later, the same pastor's son and daughter-in-law became Homes of Love parents to a house full of little girls - the start of HOL #11. The family was able to rent a house directly across the street from where the retired pastor, their aging father, now lived. It was a wonderful situation to be near and care for their father, while being loving parents to the girls. The girls had an instant grandfather who loved them dearly, and it seemed like the perfect arrangement. 

Unfortunately, this spring the HOL #11 family lost the lease to their conveniently located home and needed to find a new place to live. There were no options nearby. The HOL parents and their girls were heartbroken to have to move further away from the grandfather, and he was saddened to see them go. In their search for a solution, everyone finally came to the same realization. If they could renovate and add on to the grandfather's home, they could bring the entire family together under the same roof. Renovations began quickly and in June they were all able to move together into the grandfather's home - the original house of the first HOL home!

What a special journey for our Homes of Love family to return to the house where it all began! The Lord knew, when Sue Dee prayed in front of this house, all of the little faces that would live there one day, beginning in 2001 and now in 2017. What a sweet example of how God weaves people and places into our lives in ways we might never expect!


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