Why We Do This - Home 9 Parents' Story

Praise the Lord!

Looking back to the years serving the Lord with you, we are really thankful for all that you’ve done for us.

Because of the Lord’s mercy and love, we are His blessed and well-fed sheep in His pasture. We are so thankful to Him! Our journey so far had been really hard and challenging. But we were not discouraged as we trusted the Lord and relied on Him, praying to Him every day. We were so grateful because He answered our prayers.

I was born into a non-christian family. I came to the Lord when I got married, as my wife was born into a very godly family.

The first days of my faith were very difficult, with lots of trials that came to us. But I was so thankful as my wife loved me and prayed for me every day. For a long time, she prayed for me faithfully. It was a miracle! Since then, our family has been full of love and joy in Christ.

Helping and caring for traumatized children is always the desire in our hearts and minds for so long. That was also our dream that we lifted up to the Lord every day. That is, until one day, when we first learned about HOL. We figured out that God led Homes of love to us. Yes, that was a day we will always remember well!

On the first days of our connection with HOL, we were just like toddlers on their first steps. Still, we knew that we were not alone because we have had our Lord with us. And we have also had you who have been walking with us on the journey. Then, the naïve and innocent children came to our home. They were really in need, which showed on their faces. Their backgrounds made us feel pity for them. I know you did too.

Now, time has passed, and these children have grown up and experienced both physical and spiritual changes. We are really thankful as you have prayed, supported and helped us a lot, both materially and spiritually. Our children are happy, wholesome, and obedient. They obey and do the Lord’s teachings. They pray to Him every day and study hard. These are really blessings to us.

We have been praying that the kids have His guidance and wisdom to overcome the difficulties in their lives and press toward the brighter future with the Lord. They also pray for you as their benefactors. Yes, the love of the Lord is such a great one that nothing can compare with it. We all, you and us, love the special children that God put in our hands. His love is a steadfast thread to connect all of us. We all give thanks to the Lord.

We always pray for you. May He strengthen you to continue walk with us in this ministry.

Thanks to the Lord! Thank you indeed. 

Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

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