A Zimbabwean Family's Story - Why We Do This...

In 2014, we learned about Homes of Love from Shad and Millie, the parents in Zimbabwe’s first HOL home. What we witnessed at their home appealed to us – young faces with bright smiles, feeling very secure, full of hope, happy, and really at home. When we inquired more they told us about Homes of Love and we couldn't wait to commit ourselves to partner in this ministry. Our goal was to make a difference in a nation full of desperate, hopeless, homeless, and hungry young lives. Some had suffered abuse and rejection and were without hope for education or to experience a loving family.

Since our partnership with HOL, we have never looked back nor regretted our relationship with this ministry. It has affected our lives in a very positive way. Nothing brings satisfaction more than being involved with an organisation that helps you to touch God's heart. His word teaches that true religion is to visit orphans and widows in their troubles (James 1:27). He is a God who calls Himself the father of the fatherless (Psalms 68:5-6) and commands us to clothe the naked and to bring in the homeless.

In Matthew 25:34-46, His word says, "You saw me hungry and never gave me food and in prison and never visited me." Through our involvement with Homes of Love, lives are being transformed, and physical, moral, and spiritual needs are being met. Young lives are being brought into relationship with their Savior. Peace is being restored in homes where it has long been forgotten.

Through our relationship with this ministry, even my work as a pastor has been impacted in a great way as we minister to vulnerable children and families. We continue to partner with HOL because of their vision and mission, which is meant to give glory and honor to God alone. I am convinced many people are going to be inspired and join this noble cause and many lives will be transformed to God’s glory. As we know, unless the Lord builds the house those who build labor in vain, unless the Lord guards the city the watchmen work but in vain (Psalms 127:1). Amen.

Written by Nelson Bhasa, Homes of Love father in Zimbabwe. Nelson and his wife, Jesslie, are parents to four biological children and welcomed Nenyasha into their home in 2015.

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