God places the lonely in families Psalm 68:6
Why Homes of Love?
"My mother died in childbirth. I lived in a Zimbabwean hospital for three years."
"My father died of AIDS and my mom is HIV positive. She is afraid that when she dies we will be sold to traffickers."
"I lived on the streets of Vietnam with my mentally challenged mother."
These are the real stories of some of our Homes of Love children. Their experiences are reality for many children in Southeast Asia and Africa without a family who can adequately care for them. Most of these children live on the streets, in institutions, or in homes where they are abused or neglected. These circumstances put many at risk for trafficking.

We believe the love, sense of belonging, and connection to community that come through living in a family helps children grow into thriving adults. While we recognize the role institutions can play, studies consistently reveal that dependable parental attention and nurture is vital to the healthy emotional, physical, and social development of children.
So, Homes of Love works internationally to support in-country parents as they provide permanent families for children in need. Our families are places of restoration where parents care for hurting children, offering them protection, guidance, spiritual hope, and love. Our children receive nutritious food, clean water, clothing, education, and healthcare – freeing them to dream and pursue vibrant futures.
How do we do it? We care for children through Family Homes, Kinship Care, and Family Outreach.

Family Homes

Kinship Care

Family Outreach