God places the lonely in families Psalm 68:6
Why Homes of Love?

What's it like to be given up by one of your parents for prostitution at the age of 8, have both parents die, or be abandoned to the streets because your parents can't afford to feed you? These children know...sorrow, fear, hunger, abuse, and hopelessness.

Homes of Love creates families for orphaned, abandoned, and other at-risk children in Southeast Asia and Africa. While we appreciate the role institutions can play, we know that the love, sense of belonging, and connection to community that come through living in a family will help our Homes of Love children grow into thriving adults.

For this reason, we identify, train, and support in-country Christian parents to raise these children as their own. In our families children receive healthcare and access to education. This allows them to escape the dangers of poverty, abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation—freeing them to pursue vibrant futures. We believe God intends for every child to grow up within a family, and it is our goal to create and support families for life.

At present, Homes of Love has homes in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Homes of Love is made possible through the relational, financial, and prayer support of people just like yourself. Our home structure includes up to 6 children per home with a mother and a father.

Our children come from one of the following situations:

  • No living parents
  • Parents living in extremely destitute situations, who cannot care for them
  • Have been abandoned

You can make a donation, host an in-home meeting, volunteer for an event, or join an HOL trip. We promise to do our best to make it easy for you to participate and give.

With your help, we can provide real change for these precious children.


Providing Love & Care

Meeting a child's basic needs

Offering Direction