Homes of

Homes of LOVE Support stable, loving families for children in need.

Support stable, loving families
for children in need.

Our Work

Homes of Love establishes and strengthens families for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Within these families, precious children experience safety, find opportunity, and discover hope in Christ! 

We work in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe to support in-country parents through three distinct, life-changing programs – Family Homes, Kinship Care, and Family Outreach.

About Our Programs

in global ministry

24 Years

supported for children in need

51 Families

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3 Countries

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Our Values

Love gives children a healthy place to grow.

We believe every person is made in the image of God and, as such, has inherent worth and value.
We believe God designed the family as the best place for a child to grow.
We support and strengthen families, praying each person in the home will answer God’s invitation to become His sons and daughters through faith in Jesus Christ.

Programs of Care

We help support families in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe through three core programs – Family Homes, Kinship Care, and Family Outreach.

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How You Can Help

The Village is what we call our generous community of monthly donors who believe that every child should grow up in a loving family.

Support tangible life change.
As you financially support safe and loving families, you are significantly impacting the lives and futures of children in need.
Experience genuine family connection.
Receive a yearly personal update from one of our Homes of Love families, and get the opportunity to send encouragement with a personal letter.
Explore quarterly updates.
We’ll keep you in the loop about what’s happening in each country. Your monthly contribution matters and makes a true eternal impact.

Asked Questions

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Is Homes of Love affiliated with a denomination or organization?
Homes of Love (HOL) is a non-denominational faith-based organization.
How many children live in each home?
The number of children in each home is limited and varies according to parental input and the individual needs of the children.