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Creating families for life

Restore from rescue to renewal

life, family, future

Help us restore the dreams of orphaned children in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe by creating your own campaign today or connecting in other ways. We offer many options that are easy and impactful. Your help will go a long way.

children dream

...of happiness, safety, a loving family, and a bright future. But for some, those dreams have vanished...

creating families for life

Homes of Love is a place of restoration where children's dreams can come true...where real parents care for children who are in desperate need...where they receive protection, guidance, and love... It's a place where children begin to dream again.  More

start a campaign

You can practically do anything to help raise money for our children. Have fun with your campaign! Ask for donations instead of birthday or wedding gifts, host a dance, run a marathon, or even sell lemonade. Let your imagination run wild. View active campaigns.

walk a mile in their shoes

Take the time to understand the hopelessness these children may feel and then do something about it. Help transform their lives by giving $12,000 to fully fund an entire home for a year...and be a part of their journey.