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Cambodia Programs
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Child & Family Records
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Asked Questions

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Is Homes of Love affiliated with a denomination or organization?
Homes of Love (HOL) is a non-denominational faith-based organization.
How many children live in each home?
The number of children in each home is limited and varies according to parental input and the individual needs of the children.
What material help do you provide to children living in homes?
We take a holistic approach to raising children, and we accomplish this through both preventative and corrective responses. Depending on specific needs, our approach incorporates medical and dental treatments, educational training, emotional and spiritual support, access to healthy meals, clothing and personal items, and safe shelter.
Are the children available for adoption?
Although Homes of Love wholeheartedly believes in the power of foreign adoption, the children we work with are not available for adoption. Our vision is to raise children into a generation of young people who will remain in their home country and be godly contributors to their society and culture.